Auto Blood Culture System with 64 bottles

BC Automated Blood Culture Systems are designed to accurately detect and recover microorganisms from blood and normally sterile body fluids (SBF). Runtime detection and sophisticated algorithms minimize false negatives and shorten time to positive detection.

Offer Accurate, Fast, Cost Effective, Modular, Compatible Solution for Microbiology Lab



Accurate Detection of microorganisms from blood & sterile body fluids (SBF)

Detection Principle: Colorimetry

Easy handling with “Scan-Load”,

Built-in Computer, Touch Screen;

Friendly Use Software for Quick output report in 4-24 hours

monitor growth rates continuously or semi-continuously.

Alarm and visual alerts for positive bottles & negative bottles, Malfunction

Data recovery system

Support LIS Integration

Modular Design Structure for expandable application, Support 64 Bottles


BC64 Image:

Back Connection Image:

Internal bottle holder:

Vial Loading:

Red Light On:

Take Out of the Bottle:

Scan Barcode:

Touch Operation 1:

Touch Operation 2:


Product Image:


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